Tips Photography

This is absolutely photography tips from other website. I collect all my reference for learning about photography. Some tips is from me but i am just an amatir photographer so please dont be hesitate if you wanna correct my photography tips.

I will also show you the video about photography and also show you the video with the best photograph or videograph and graphic motion base on my opinion.

Just see the list below :

1. National Geographic 

    Absolutely this page is very advantage. In NatGeo we can find any best photosoot in the world. The photo is also has the storyline , it makes me so inpired. This page also make my mood boost quickly, can you imagine this ?. Thanks for people who create this NatGeo.

2. Pixel Peeper

    You wanna buy a camera ? Or maybe a lens ?. Wait,wait you need a reference to do that. This page, will show you the result of any pictures of any camera. Mirrorless, DSLR and Lens. And also this page have the updated prices of cameras. Very interesting, this page already be my favourite for 3 this years before i buy a camera or lens so i can expect my budget. Thanks